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Digital AC True-RMS Ammeters
Compact and easy-to-use solution for measurement of non-sinusoidal AC currents

  • Worlds first true-RMS responding AC Ammeters with built-in CTs.  50 Amp model uses external split-core current transformer.
  • Five models provide current measurement from 0 to 50A.
  • Custom models available for use with external CTs. Call us: (800)230-6008.
  • Large easy-to-read red LED display.
  • Choice of either 120V or 240V (nominal) operation.

The new Datel ACA-20RM series are the worlds first true-RMS responding digital AC ammeters with built-in current transformers (CTs). They are able to provide direct measurement of the true-RMS values of complex, non-sinusoidal AC currents of between 2A and 50A. Ideal for use in the latest computer and telecom equipment, the compact, self-powered, single-board modules feature a large, easy-to-read LED display and provide an ideal replacement for older, less reliable, analog panel meters.

The modules are powered from either 120V (85-140VAC) or 240V (170-264VAC). Power consumption is less than 50mA.

Why should I specify the ACA-20RM?

  • The on-board, miniature, high-turns ratio CTs provide an accurate and straightforward way to measure AC load currents.
  • All Datel ACA-20RM series True-RMS-AC Ammeters utilize low power consumption, bright red LED displays with easy-to-read full-size 9.4mm (0.37in.) high characters.
  • The completely self-contained design of the modules enhances reliability and means that no external components are required.
  • Precision auto-zeroing circuitry, super-stable components and an RMS-to-DC converter circuit combine to give the Datel ACA-20RM series excellent performance.
  • A built-in bezel / filter assembly with metal fasteners allows straightforward assembly of the new Ammeters into your application.

Typical Panel Installation

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Model Number Type Current Transformer Power Supply Measurement Range Price Purchase
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Built-In 85-140VAC/47-63Hz 0-199.9 mA $ Qty:
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Built-In 170-264VAC/47-63Hz 0-199.9mA $ Qty:
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Built-In 85-140VAC/47-63Hz 0-1.999 AMPS $ Qty:
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Built-In 170-264VAC/47-63Hz 0-1.999 AMPS $ Qty:
view package
Built-In 85-140VAC/47-63Hz 0-19.99 AMPS $ Qty:
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Built-In 170-264VAC/47-63Hz 0-19.99 AMPS $ Qty:
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Flying lead, Split-Core 85-140VAC/47-63Hz 0-50.0 AMPS $ Qty:
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Flying lead, Split-Core 170-264VAC/47-63Hz 0-50.0 AMPS $ Qty:
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Flying lead, Solid-Core 85-140VAC/47-63Hz 0-30.0 AMPS $ Qty:
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Flying lead, Solid-Core 170-264VAC/47-63Hz 0-30.0 AMPS $ Qty:

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