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Connectors and Sockets
Connector housings, terminals and sockets.

DATEL’s six position connector housings (part no. 4320-01069-0) and crimp terminals (4400-01032-0) provide a secure method for making input/output connections to all panel mounted 12-pin DMS series meters.

DATEL’s six position SIP (part no. 4320-01074-0) and 12-position DIP (4320-01072-0) sockets provide an easy and inexpensive, low profile solution for mounting DMS series meters on printed circuit boards. These are the same rugged, long-life sockets DATEL uses in all its in-house panel meter burn-in boards. Both sockets provide excellent mechanical retention force, and in many applications they can supply all the necessary mechanical force to hold the meters in position (see DMS Application Note 16 for more information).

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Product Guide
 Part Number Product Description Price Purchase
4320-01069-0 6-position connector housing for all 12-pin DMS meters $1.00 Qty:
4400-01032-0 Crimp-type terminal for housing #4320-01069-0 $0.10 Qty:
4320-01074-0 6-postion pc board mount socket $0.50 Qty:
4320-01072-0 12-position pc board mount socket (-BCD models) $1.00 Qty:

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