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DC Shunts
The precision shunts we offer are manufactured to industry standards and specifications. They are designed for use with 50 or 100 millivolt measuring instruments, calibrated in terms of the ampere ratings of the shunt. The accuracy of these shunts is better than ±1/4% of the rated value and the temperature coefficient is ±0.000015. It is important that the resistance be constant under different temperature conditions. It is usually assumed that the maximum temperature will be about 80°C and the usual range is 40° to +60°C.

For continuous operation, it is recommended that shunts are not run at more than two-thirds (2/3) the rated current under normal conditions of use as per IEEE standards. If the shunt is used in an AC or pulse current environment make sure that the highest pulse current will not exceed the recommended two-thirds, the rated current for continuous operation.  In this
case, the average millivolt reading using an rms meter will be proportional with the duty cycle of the AC current.
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Product Guide*     50 mV Shunts
 Part Number Rating Price Purchase
MKA5-50 5 AMPS $25.00 Qty:
MKA20-50 20 AMPS $25.00 Qty:
MKA50-50 50 AMPS $25.00 Qty:
MKA100-50 100 AMPS $25.00 Qty:
MKA150-50 150 AMPS $25.00 Qty:
MKB200-50 200 AMPS $30.00 Qty:
MKB300-50 300 AMPS $30.00 Qty:
MKB500-50 500 AMPS $30.00 Qty:
MKC800-50 800 AMPS $45.00 Qty:
MKC1000-50 1000 AMPS $45.00 Qty:
MKC1200-50 1200 AMPS $50.00 Qty:

Product Guide*     100 mV Shunts
 Part Number Rating Price Purchase
MKA10-100 10 AMPS $27.00 Qty:
MKA100-100 100 AMPS $27.00 Qty:
MKC1000-100 1000 AMPS $50.00 Qty:
* Other ranges available. Call us for details (800) 230-6008

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