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  Voltmeter and Ammeter Switches


CSII is one of the world’s leading suppliers of instrumentation switches manufactured to ISO 9001. These rotary cam switches are designed to switch up to 10 AMPS at 600 Volts. They are UL recognized and carry CSA and CE ratings.

The Ammeter switches and ammeter sections of the combination switches are designed to “make-before-break,” thereby keeping the current transformer’s secondary leads terminated, either together or through the ammeter. This is necessary to keep excessively high voltage surges from occurring when the current transformer secondary is not terminated.

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3-ph, 4-w
Voltmeter Switch

P/N 61311
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3-ph, 3-w
Voltmeter Switch

P/N 61312
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Ammeter Switch

P/N 61325
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3-ph, 3-w
Voltmeter/Ammeter Switch

P/N 61336
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3-ph, 4-w
Voltmeter/Ammeter Switch

Price: $68.95     Qty:

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