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    High efficiency, 5 VOLT DC, 1 AMP Output

The Texmate PS-510 is a general purpose power supply which features good regulation, low ripple, simplicity and low cost. The nominal output voltage of +5 VDC with short circuit and thermal protection. The PS-510 enables the user to select operation from 120VAC or 240VAC as the transformer windings may be connected in parallel or in series. The DC output terminals are isolated from the case. Multiple units can be used in series to obtain +5V or higher voltage outputs. However, it is not possible to parallel the power supply outputs for higher current capacity. The robust aluminum frame is pre-punched with holes for mounting in any position. As the frame is used as a heat sink for the regulator, the frame may get warm under load.

    Output Voltage:
    Output Current:
    Line Regulation:
    Load Regulation:
    Ripple Rejection:
    Output Impedance:
    Temperature Coefficient:
    Operating Temperature:
    Input Power:

+5 VDC +/-5%
1 AMP max.
50 mV or 60 dB
50 mV
60 dB (or ripple 25 mV p-p max.
< 50 megohms typical
Short circuit current limit to 2 AMPS
Output voltage drift < 1 mV/C
0 C to 50 C
500V between input and output
110 V or 220 V +/-5% at 50 Hz
117 V or 230 V +/-5% at 60 Hz to 400 Hz

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