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The country must strive to inherit and develop traditional culture and national culture. Regular meetings are held once a year in accordance with laws and regulations, and extraordinary meetings are convened at the request of the President or at least a quarter of the lawmakers. All citizens have the right to trial in accordance with the law by a judge prescribed by the Constitution and law. State religion is not recognized, and the church and the state are separate. Members of the National Assembly cannot concurrently hold positions prescribed by law. Laws and treaties in effect at the time this Constitution enters into force will remain in effect as long as they do not violate this Constitution. Permits for press and publication, censorship, assembly and association are not permitted. Government audit, investigation procedures, and other necessary matters shall be prescribed by law.

No one can be penalized for military service. Except for criminals, members of the National Assembly cannot be arrested or detained without the consent of the National Assembly during the session. When this Constitution is promulgated, members of the National Assembly shall serve until the day before the first session of the National Assembly under Article 1. The state must strive to prevent disasters and protect its people from such dangers. When the President is unable to perform his duties due to his absence or accident, the Prime Minister and members of the State Council shall perform their duties in the order prescribed by law. The results of the trial and judgment were made public. However, if there is a concern of disturbing the security or order of the country or harming good manners, the court may decide not to hold a public hearing.

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