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It is the duty of all citizens to ensure that their children receive at least primary education and the education prescribed by law. At the time of enforcement of this Constitution, the institution performing the duties of the newly established institution under this Constitution shall survive and perform its duties until the newly established institution is established under this Constitution. Military trials under martial law can only be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the law in cases of military crimes, military crimes, military espionage crimes, outposts, toxic food supply crimes, and crimes. By prisoners of war. Act. However, this is not the case if the death penalty is sentenced. Except as otherwise provided in the Constitution or law, a resolution of the National Assembly shall be made with the attendance of a majority of the incumbent members and the approval of a majority of the members present. If the score is tied, it is considered rejected.

The President cannot request a retrial or amendment of some of the bills. Media and publications should not infringe on the honor and rights of others, or on public and social morality. If the press release violates the honor or rights of others, the victim may claim damages. National merit, wounded soldiers, police officials, warriors, and police officials’ families are given priority in accordance with the law. The rights of writers, inventors, scientists, engineers, and artists are protected by law. The National Assembly is made up of lawmakers elected by the people through ordinary, equal, direct, and secret elections. The chairman of the National High Commission of Advisory Council becomes the immediately preceding chairman. However, if there is no previous president, the president appoints the person.

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