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Every citizen has the right to submit a written petition to a state agency in accordance with the law. The government must draw up a budget for each fiscal year and submit it to the parliament 90 days before the start of the fiscal year, and must obtain approval from the parliament 30 days before the start of the fiscal year. Matters such as pardons, commutations, and restoration are regulated by law. The National Election Commission can set regulations on election management, referendum management, party affairs, etc. within the scope prescribed by law, and can set internal disciplinary regulations within the scope not contrary to the law. Parliament decides on mutual support or security treaties, treaties of important international organizations, friendly treaties, commercial and navigation treaties, treaties restricting sovereignty, peace treaties, treaties, treaties that impose significant economic burdens on countries or citizens, and treaties on legislative matters. The right to agree to conclusions and ratification.

When this constitution is promulgated, the members of the National Assembly shall serve until the day before the first session of the National Assembly under Article 1. The state should promote lifelong education. The organization, authority, and qualification of military court judges are determined by law. All citizens have freedom of residence and movement. When arresting, detaining, confiscating, or searching, an arrest warrant issued by a judge must be issued in accordance with a due process at the request of the prosecutor. However, if you are committing a crime or are concerned about destroying evidence or fleeing as a crime that can be sentenced to more than 3 years, you can request an arrest warrant after death. Political parties’ purposes, organizations, and activities must be democratic, and they must have the organization necessary to participate in the formation of political opinions of the people.

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