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Criminal accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. All citizens have the right to vote in accordance with the law. By regulating and adjusting the economy, the state can maintain balanced national economic growth and stability and adequacy of income distribution, prevent market dominance and abuse of economic power, and achieve economic democratization through harmony among economic actors. All citizens have the freedom to choose a career. Disclosure of the contents of the closed meeting must be in accordance with the provisions of the law. The state has a duty to promote social security and social welfare. The President cannot request a retrial or amendment of some of the bills. All citizens enjoy individual freedom. No one can be arrested, detained, confiscated, searched, or interrogated without law, and no one can be punished, security measures, or forced labor without law and due process.

Rewards such as medals are valid only for the winners and are not granted any privileges. The head of the Constitutional Court is appointed by the President from among the judges with the consent of the National Assembly. If a political party’s purpose or activity violates the democratic basic order, the government may apply to the Constitutional Court for dissolution of the political party, and the Constitutional Court makes a decision to dissolve the political party. When this Constitution is promulgated, the members of the National Assembly shall serve until the day before the first National Assembly session under Article 1. If the presidency becomes vacant or the elected person dies or is disqualified due to a judgment or other reasons, a successor shall be elected within 60 days. The President shall immediately disclose the reasons under paragraphs 3 and 4.

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