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The cabinet deliberates on important policies that fall under government authority. Women’s labor is under special protection and is not subject to unfair discrimination in terms of employment, wages, working conditions, etc. Workers have the right to organize independently, negotiate as a group, and act as a group to improve working conditions. The heads of each administrative department are appointed by the President at the recommendation of the Prime Minister from among the members of the State Council. The head of the Constitutional Court is appointed by the President from among the judges with the consent of the National Assembly. In order for the government to procure government bonds or sign contracts that put a burden on the state outside the scope of the budget, it must obtain prior approval from the parliament. Judicial power belongs to a court composed of judges. In the event that the approval under paragraph 3 is not obtained, the sanctions or orders are invalid from then on. In this case, the law changed or abolished by the order naturally takes effect again from the date the order is not approved.

The organization and operation of the Constitutional Court and other necessary matters shall be determined by law. By regulating and adjusting the economy, the state can maintain the stable and appropriate national economy’s balanced growth and income distribution, prevent market dominance and abuse of economic power, and achieve economic democratization through harmony among economic actors. The President may, if deemed necessary, put important policies related to diplomacy, national defense, unification and other national security to a referendum. Land and resources are protected by the state, and the state makes necessary plans for balanced development and utilization. Administrative power belongs to the government led by the President. The organization of the National Security Council, matters delegated, and other necessary matters shall be determined by law.

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