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The organization and establishment of the military are determined by law. The state can foster, regulate, and coordinate foreign trade. The status of foreigners is guaranteed by international law and treaties. Lawmakers and the government can propose legislation. For workers in major defense industries, the right to collective action, as stipulated by law, may or may not be restricted by law. The prime minister assists the president and presides over all departments of the administration under the president’s orders. All citizens have the right to live a humane life. Lawmakers perform their duties according to their conscience and put the interests of the state first. All citizens enjoy individual freedom. No one can be arrested, detained, confiscated, searched, or questioned without law, and no one can face punishment, security measures, or forced labor without law and due process.

Media and publications should not infringe on the honor and rights of others, or on public and social morals. If the press release violates the honor or rights of others, the victim may claim damages. Congress decides on mutual assistance or security treaties, treaties of important international organizations, friendly treaties, commercial and navigation treaties, treaties restricting sovereignty, peace treaties, treaties that impose substantial economic burdens on a country or its people, and treaties on legislative matters. The right to agree to conclusions and ratifications. Unless otherwise provided, this Act takes effect 20 days after the date of promulgation. The status and manners of former presidents are determined by law. All freedoms and rights of the people can be limited by law only when necessary for national security, maintenance of order, and public welfare, and even if limited, the essential content of freedom and rights cannot be violated.

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