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All citizens have the freedom of conscience. The criminal accused is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. The President grants medals and other honors as prescribed by law. The organization and operation of the Constitutional Court, and other necessary matters shall be determined by law. Ordering a pardon requires the consent of the National Assembly. The President cannot request a retrial or amendment of some of the bills. The bill takes effect by law even if the President does not request enactment or retrial within the period specified in paragraph 1. The Constitutional Court may establish rules on trial procedures, internal rules, and administrative procedures to the extent that it does not violate the law. The state can regulate and adjust the economy to maintain balanced growth and stability of the national economy, rational distribution of income, prevent market dominance and abuse of economic power, and achieve economic democratization through harmony among economic actors.

The chairman of the National Security Council (NSC) is the president. All citizens have the right to live in a healthy and pleasant environment, and the state and its people must strive to protect the environment. Public officials are volunteers for all citizens and take responsibility for the people. The President is responsible for protecting national independence, territorial integrity, national continuity, and the Constitution. The state should establish and implement a plan necessary for the comprehensive development and support of rural and fishing villages to protect and foster agriculture and fisheries. Workers have the right to organize independently, negotiate as a group, and act as a group to improve working conditions. The establishment, organizational structure, and scope of responsibility of each administrative department are determined by law. Independence, professionalism, political neutrality, and autonomy of universities are guaranteed by law.

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