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The President must present the proposed constitutional amendment bill for at least 20 days. Local governments can handle matters related to the welfare of residents, manage property, and enact autonomous regulations within the scope of the law. The Constitutional Court may establish rules on court proceedings, internal rules, and administrative procedures to the extent that it does not violate the law. The requirements to become a citizen of the Republic of Korea are stipulated by law. The President, the Prime Minister, the member of the State Council, the Minister of the Interior, the Constitutional Court judges, judges, members of the Central Election Commission, chairman of the Audit and Inspection Committee, and other public officials, if they violate the law in performing their duties, the National Assembly may decide on the impeachment procedure.

Matters concerning the presidential election shall be prescribed by law. Matters such as pardons, commutations, and restoration shall be regulated by law. The Republic of Korea pursues unification and establishes and promotes a policy of peaceful unification based on the basic order of freedom and democracy. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President with the consent of the National Assembly. The State may impose necessary restrictions and obligations in accordance with legal regulations to effectively and in a balanced manner, develop, and protect the land that is the basis for the production and life of all citizens. No citizen should be treated more adversely for his or her actions than for his or her own. Confession may be used when the defendant’s confession is judged not to be voluntary due to torture, beatings, intimidation, unreasonable long-term detention, deception, or other means, or when the defendant’s confession is the only evidence of it in a formal trial. As evidence of guilt. It cannot be considered as evidence of guilt or punished.

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