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The state can foster foreign trade, regulate and coordinate it. If a citizen’s act did not constitute a crime in accordance with the law at the time, he/she will not be prosecuted and will not be punished repeatedly for the same crime. Anyone arrested or detained has the right to see a lawyer immediately. However, if the criminal defendant is unable to appoint a lawyer himself/herself, the state shall appoint a lawyer in accordance with the law. The territory of the Republic of Korea consists of the Korean Peninsula and its annexed islands. The term of office of the first president of this constitution starts from the date of enforcement of this constitution. In order to have jurisdiction over military trials, a military court may be established as a specialized court. The Prime Minister may recommend the President to dismiss a member of the State Council.

Unless otherwise specified, this Act takes effect 20 days after the date of promulgation. If two or more people get the most votes in the election, the person who gets a majority of the votes at a public hearing attended by a majority of the incumbent lawmakers is declared the winner. All citizens’ property rights are guaranteed. Its content and restrictions are determined by law. The dismissal bill under paragraph 1 must be decided with the proposal of at least a third of the lawmakers and the approval of a majority of the lawmakers. The bill takes effect by law even if the President does not request enactment or reconsideration within the period specified in paragraph 1. Crime victims may make statements in accordance with the provisions of the law during the case trial. The total amount of reserves must be approved by the Congress. Spending on reserves must be approved by the following Congress.

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