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The first impeachment motion shall be proposed by more than one-third of the members and approved by more than half of the current members. However, a proposal to impeach the President must be approved by a majority of the Legislature and at least two-thirds of the members must agree. The country should promote lifelong education. The Audit and Oversight Committee consists of 5 to 11 Audit Committee members, including the Chairman. The state religion is not recognized and church and state are separated. If martial law is declared, the president must immediately notify Congress. The state must work to protect motherhood. The state has an obligation to review the petition. Members of the National Assembly are not accountable outside Parliament for the opinions and votes they express in the discharge of their duties.

No citizen may be tortured or forced to speak out against him/herself in a criminal case. No one may be arrested or detained without being informed of the reasons for the arrest or detention and having the right to legal aid. The reason, time and place of arrest or detention must be immediately notified to those required by law, such as family members of the person arrested or detained. No citizen should be treated worse for his or her behavior toward relatives than for his or her own behavior. The organization and functioning of the Constitutional Court and other necessary matters are regulated by law. The term of the President of the Supreme Court is six years and cannot be re-elected. The organization and establishment of the army are determined by law. If the President is unable to perform his duties due to absence or accident, the Prime Minister and members of the State Council shall perform their duties in the order prescribed by law.

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