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Application Notes for Digital Panel Meters

All of the topics covered in the following
application notes are the result of customer calls for assistance. The
content, though sometimes general in nature, is specific to DATEL’s DMS
Series Digital Panel Voltmeters
and may not apply to other meters.
Additional applications information appears on individual product data
sheets. Our skilled Application Engineers welcome the opportunity to
assist you right from the beginning of your next project. Please call us
whenever you need us (800-230-6008).

 Application Note Product Description Download Datasheet
DMS-AN1   The LED versus LCD Decision Download (49k)
DMS-AN2   Input Configurations, Power Supplies and Ground Loops Download (95k)
DMS-AN3   Analog Common and Reference In/Out Download (68k)
DMS-AN4   Engineering Scaling Download (54k)
DMS-AN5   Ohmeter Circuits Download (53k)
DMS-AN6   Direct Current Ammeters Download (80k)
DMS-AN7   Implementing a Line Frequency Meter Download (58k)
DMS-AN8   Single-Component Thermometers Download (56k)
DMS-AN9   2000 RPM Tachometer Download (51k)
DMS-AN10   Minimum-Component Battery Monitors Download (62k)
DMS-AN11   Using the DMS-EB-RMS Board Download (76k)
DMS-AN12   Signals with Zero Offsets Download (79k)
DMS-AN13   Decimal Point Drivers Download (66k)
DMS-AN14   Selecting 1% Resistors Download (63k)
DMS-AN15   Troublshooting Guide Download (53k)
DMS-AN16   Typical Meter Installations Download (860k)
DMS-AN17   Introduction to 2-Wire Meters Download (46k)
DMS-AN18   Recommended Component Suppliers Download (50k)
DMS-AN19   Half-Digits, Resolution and other DPM Display FAQ’s Download (64k)
DMS-AN20   4-20mA Current Loop Primer Download (40k)
DMS-AN21   4-20mA Current Loop Configurations and FAQ’s Download (47k)
DMS-AN22   Extended Temperature Operation of DMS Series Meters Download (47k)
DMS-AN23   3-Wire, 240V Single-Phase Power Measurements Download (120k)
DMS-AN24   Extending Current Transformer Leads Download (121k)

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