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NEW…  ACM20 Series
Four-Function, True-RMS, Single-Phase, AC Power Meters

Murata Power Solutions’ ACM20 series True-RMS, single-phase, AC power meters display the most critical
measurements in mains-powered equipment or motor-generator outputs: voltage, amperage, active power
(watts), and Hertz or Power Factor (Model dependent.)

A front panel selector-switch provides two modes of operation: a fixed reading
of any of the four parameters, or a continuous cycling through all four measurements. Models are
available that display line frequency with 0.1Hz resolution or a model displaying Power Factor is available with 32 AMP maximum input.
All ACM20 multi-function power meters include a built-in current transformer—no other user-supplied components
are required.

  • Displays AC Volts, Amps, Watts and Hertz or Power Factor (PF)
  • User-selectable display modes: continuous auto cycling or fixed reading
  • Universal 85-264 VAC (47-63 Hz) operating range
  • Built-In Current Transformer, 10 AMP, 32 AMP or 100 AMP models
  • True-RMS readings of complex waveforms
  • Surface mount design occupies minimal panel space
  • ACM20 Wiring

    Typical wiring for single-phase circuits.

    Note: For information on using the ACM20 in a 3-wire,
    240 volt single-phase application Click Here

ACM20 Front Pic

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Model Display Current
Price Purchase
ACM20-4-AC1-R-F-C Volts-Amps-Watts-Hertz 100 AMP 85-264 VAC
$65.00 Qty:
ACM20-4-AC1-R-C Volts-Amps-Watts-Power Factor 100 AMP 85-264 VAC
$65.00 Qty:
ACM20-5-AC1-R-F-C Volts-Amps-Watts-Hertz 32 AMP 85-264 VAC
$65.00 Qty:
ACM20-5-AC1-R-C Volts-Amps-Watts-Power Factor 32 AMP 85-264 VAC
$65.00 Qty:
ACM20-2-AC1-R-F-C Volts-Amps-Watts-Hertz 10 AMP 85-264 VAC
$65.00 Qty:
ACM20-2-AC1-R-C Volts-Amps-Watts-Power Factor 10 AMP 85-264 VAC
$65.00 Qty: