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Typical DATEL Meter Installations  

The unique packaging of the DATEL DMS Series panel meters makes them ideal for use in traditional panel-mount application and not-so-traditional printed circuit board applications.
The illustrations shown are generic in nature and apply to all DMS20/30/40 meters and 2-wire instruments. Panel cutout and drill dimensions are shown in the individual product data sheets.

Bezel Assembly and PC Board Mounting:

Four ABS-plastic bezel assemblies are available for aesthetics or environmentally-demanding applications. (See ordering guide below) For those applications requiring moisture and/or dust resistance, two bezels are offered with EPDM sealing gaskets. The gasket is installed around the meter and seals the perimeter of the bezel/meter/panel interface. For added durability, all bezels feature threaded metallic screws and inserts.
Two adapter plates are available enabling DMS meters to be installed in irregular, “less-precise” panel cutouts. These plates can also be used to compensate for larger cutouts encountered when designing-in DATEL meters as alternate sources. If you need more details, let us know. The use of board-mounted sockets simplifies installation and provides the necessary support for less-demanding applications. Make sure the sockets are designed to accommodate the meter’s 0.025″ square, solder-plated pins.

Retaining Clip Mounting:

The preformed, metal retaining clip supplied with DMS Series meters implements a quick and secure, cost-effective panel mounting method. The manually installed retaining clip provides a smooth, flush-mounted installation that occupies a minimal amount of front panel real estate.

Behind-the-Panel Mounting

Many customers use this assembly method when space is at a premium and/or a custom panel overlay is used. Datel offers windowed bezel assemblies (for red LED meters only) which simply “snap” into panel cutouts. Two windowed bezels are available. Let us know if you require additional information.

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